Accurate Mapping In Court For Complex Location Information

Accurate Mapping In Court For Complex Location Information

Mapping is a key component in many trials, but is only effective if done correctly.

From source data to location of sites and resolution issues for print to redaction – creating the right map for court is a tricky task. Serious consideration needs to be made if scenarios are to be explained effectively.

So how do we go about this?

Firstly it is important to break down the locations from the outset, so an overview map is of particular interest. Outline key areas and sites, remove all areas of no relevance, focusing the mind of the viewer on only what is essential and key to your argument.

Secondly, provide more focused maps of each key area. Increase the level of detail of important elements such as site locations, positions and access routes. Ensure as much detail is present but avoid cluttering and employ colour coding (when needed) to help define items and continuity.

Thirdly, provide highly detailed mapping around the specific incident and support this with media such as video, audio, infographics and timelines.

By using this three-pronged approach, the viewer is able to understand:

  • The overall location of where the event took place
  • Key elements directly relevant in the local vicinity
  • Detailed location information focusing on the event site itself

If you require mapping and interactive graphics for court (coroner, arbitration, defence or prosecution) please contact us on 0845 833 2995 or email on:

Evidence Presentation

Evidence Presentation

We specialise in all areas of evidence presentation.

We tailor our solution to fit your exact requirements. We carefully assess the evidence you have and carefully tailor our system to fit your needs. We believe there is no ‘one size fits all’. You can be rest assured that the solution we provide will work in court exactly how you expect, in the correct resolution, with no broken links or missing information.

Examples of modules used within fraud, arbitration and commercial/civil litigation may include presenting information in specific time ranges within multiple timelines to show when clusters of events happened. You may wish to add images, videos, audio, maps, 3D and documents linked within the timelines to show related evidence within the series of events. This could be publications in a complex commercial litigation which resulted in loss of business or various certificates of incorporation and issue dates within a corporate fraud trial. Whatever you need to show and no matter how complex, we can assist throughout the case and during the trial.

Furthermore we can build interactive elements to be used live in court such as mathematical and financial models, communicating complex data for the untrained eye to fully understand and absorb.

We aim to help you build up a clear and concise picture of a case – something that can be extremely challenging with ‘Off -The-Shelf’ software…

Contact us now on 0845 833 2995 to speak to a evidence presentation consultant or email and we will get back to you to discuss your requirements and provide you with a fast and accurate quotation.