Body Mapping / Injury Graphics / Injury Modelling Services For Court

Body Mapping / Injury Graphics / Injury Modelling Services For Court

Body mapping, injury graphics (or injury modelling) for court, are an ideal solution for communicating the extent of an injury or to illustrate the scenario in which an injury took place.

The series of events around sustaining an injury is critical to a court case and the way in which this is communicated can make or break your case.

Body Mapping Experience

We have worked with many clients in both the public and private sector including prosecution, legal aid, private defense and commercial projects to effectively visualise the scenario using body mapping to accurately show the extent of injuries and likely cause.

Below is a typical workflow:

Injury graphics for court cases

Body Mapping For Court Cases

Other common use cases for body mapping or injury graphics include court graphics for injuries that may cause shock to the jury. By using a graphic or illustration of the injury in court, it is possible to display the injury without the potential shock impact which is all too apparent with explicit photographs.

Body mapping helps to focus the jury on cause of the injury as opposed to the negative graphic impact of a photograph. By using 3D, any angle can be rendered into an image, allowing complete control of what is displayed in court.

We also provide highly effective 3D crime scene reconstruction services to help support your case and reconstruct complex crime scenes into short, high impact 3D animations for the jury to quickly absorb.

We are based in London and the Midlands with UK coverage and a confidential service.

Contact us now on 0845 833 2995 to discuss your case and how body mapping and injury graphics displayed in court can assist you and your team to clearly convey your case.

Interactive 3D For Immersive Crime Scene Reconstruction

Interactive 3D For Immersive Crime Scene Reconstruction

Rapid interactive 3D development is now available for creating interactive exhibits. Injury mapping and 3D crime scenes can now be presented in engaging interactive 3D environments. This allows you to guide the jury through the scene during the trial, increase information retention and ensure your case is truly understood. Contact us for a fast quotation. Available for both prosecution and legal aid work.