Cloud Digital Asset Management & A/V Archiving

Cloud Digital Asset Management & A/V Archiving

BR Consult have extensive experience in archiving video and audio footage to National Archives format requirements. We can also perform dual-pass processing to provide multiple formats within one capture to your precise requirements.

We can also take care of:

  • Quality assurance
  • Media restoration
  • Audio/video enhancement
  • Digital asset management
  • Pre and post media processing

Our range of equipment covers virtually any format and we have the capability to manage even the largest archive of digital media. We have an highly experienced team with extensive experience across government, law enforcement, regulatory and commercial industry sectors.

Audio/Video Capture

Audio/Video Capture

We can capture and convert any type of audio or video to digital formats. Often CCTV, obselete media and older recordings can be extremely difficult to convert to a useable digital format. We are fully experienced in using the right conversion techniques to ensure you get the highest resolution possible for the resulting file.

We have equipment in house to capture:

  • RACAL ICR16, ICR32, ICR64 voice recording in all formats
  • Standard Audio Cassette
  • Dictation Micro Cassette
  • CD/DVD
  • CCTV Formats (codecs will be required for proprietary encoded data)
  • U-matic Video
  • Long/Short Play Video VHS/SVHS

Furthermore we can provide a fully managed service using our in-house digital asset management system to ensure all versions, re-records, multiple formats and supporting metadata is perfectly managed and easily updated.

DMRP (Digital Media Review Platform) has been used successfully and extensively in the management of vast amounts of digital audio and video archival footage. With the options to stream locally, web stream and meta-tag media, accurate digital library management can be achieved.

Following the success of DMRP (V2) which has successfully aided the management and operation of over 30TB of audio, video and metadata. We are now working on version 3 which is currently being developed and will have a completely new array of features aimed at broadcast and live TV – check back soon for more details.

We also provide full forensic analysis of video and audio including enhancement, voice ID and analysis delivered by a team of leading experts with substantial experience in this field.

Contact us for a fast quote on any requirements for audio and video data capture, conversion, analysis, forensics and voice analysis.