Interactive Media

BR Consult’s team is expert in interactive media and presentations. With years of experience in creating interactive applications, it is possible to provide a wide array of commercial services including:

  • E-learning – We can develop fully customised e-learning using SCORM standards on our robust Learning Management Server (LMS). An LMS is a vital part of e-learning allowing the management of training courses, assembly of learning content, usage of an administration console and delivery of training across the web
  • Flip books – Our flipbook technology allows the creation of fully interactive virtual books which can be browsed on a standard PC or IPAD, Content can be searched, viewed and downloaded through each production
  • Augmented Reality – The latest advancements in technology provide engaging ways of viewing content. Our most recent offering lets the user view and image and bring it to life by just holding an I-Phone or I-Pad over the page content of a magazine or newspaper
  • Websites – Our team can provide a multitude of website services for the SME, public and corporate sector. We can work with your team to ensure you get a dynamic website, within agreed timescales to a competitive budget.

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Specialist audio/video archiving, digital asset management systems, evidence/court presentation (EPE/EPPE), litigation support, computer forensics, document scanning, 3D crime scene reconstruction and injury/body mapping services.