3D Crime Scene Reconstruction – London

3D Crime Scene Reconstruction – Based in London

Crime scenes can be reconstructed using 3D and varying levels of detail depending on what you aim to achieve and your budget.

BR Consult provide all levels of 3D Crime scene reconstruction and our offices are conveniently based in Moorgate, London.

Our qualified consultants can:

  • Survey the scene
  • Capture photographic imagery
  • Combine images to develop accurate 3D models and visualisation
  • Construct animation sequences to recreate events
  • Package your production ready for presenting in court

3D Crime Scene Reconstruction

3D is a highly effective tool at communicating complex crime scene scenarios to a jury and aiding counsel in describing a situation, process or an event. Time and time again this has proved to be an intriguing medium, guaranteed to keep the jury engaged throughout.

By enhancing the concentration of the jury, clearer descriptions and detail can be retained. 3D crime scene reconstruction also saves time & money by eliminating the need to visit locations or employ actors for video reconstructions.

Contact us now on 0845 833 2995 or email moreinfo@brconsult.co.uk to discuss your requirements and receive a fast and competitive quotation.

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