3D Animation

BR Consult have extensive experience in 3D animation.

Commercial Services
We can provide a myriad of 3D animations for a variety of uses online or for broadcast. Whether you require something as simple as a logo or rotation of products to a complete marketing campaign, we can provide a competitive quotation along with a relevant portfolio by the precise animator that will be developing your production.

Crime Scenes
Once the crime scene survey and 3D model has been generated, 3D animations can be produced. This could be something as simple as a door opening or the subject getting up from a sofa.

We often generate animations visualising a scenario to tell a story to the jury such as an armed robbery, industrial accident or drug concealment.

People, vehicles, buildings, weather, atmosphere, lighting and many other elements can be included dependent on the level of detail that is required convey your message and create the crime scene reconstruction.

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