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Electronic Presentation & Preparation Of Evidence (EPPE) – London

Our bespoke, two-screen, court presenation/electronic evidence presentation framework (designed and built by BR Consult) allows the integration of custom modules.

DEPS uses a modular framework allowing the use of:

  • Document comparison for fraud
  • Search functionality
  • Timelines and interactive timelines to show events explaining the case
  • Cellsite/telephony for visually compelling cellsite and telephony evidence
  • Video evidence
  • Audio evidence
  • Fingerprint comparison for crime scenes
  • Images of the crime scene, subjects and related photo
  • Mapping and interactive mapping to present location specific information to the court
  • Panoramic 360 photography for scene visualisation

We can populate the evidence presentation application on your behalf and export the final court presentation into a simple executable file ready for to be shown in court.

The court operator can cue up, control and display any of the evidence on the second screen to present to the rest of the court. Digital Evidence Presentation System (DEPS) has been used highly successfully in a number of cases, both UK and internationally.

Electronic Preparation and Presentation of Evidence is becoming an expected standard for many court cases to ensure the effective communication of complex information to the jury.

Court Presentation & Evidence Presentation

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