Court Equipment Hire & Installations

BR Consult provide some of the most cutting edge court equipment installs available. We keep a close eye on our pricing to ensure we are the most competitive on the market and guarantee that you will not find a cheaper equivalent service.

Court Installations

BR Consult provide high quality equipment for court installs. TFT monitors, document viewer, high spec PC and HD Plasma screens ensure that your trial runs smoothly and because we keep costs to a minimum, we can match or beat any competitors quote. We also provide wireless installs using Tablet PC’s (similiar to IPAD’s) across 256BIT AES Encrypted 5GHZ WIFI ensuring neat, fast, economical and efficient court installs. Wireless prices are only marginally higher than wired installs. Our wireless system also uses our AAS (Automatic Archive System) to allow the Jury to view only what has been seen on a specific day within the jury room. This means that evidence can be viewed without the need for supervision, resulting in a virtual jury bundle. Environmental efficiency and cost savings can be gained through the elimination of the need to design, print and produce jury bundles.

Court operator Provision

We can provide court operators for as little as £115 per day, on a week by week basis. Most of our operators have a legal background or are legally qualified, ensuring they integrate well into the court environment and fully understand any requests from counsel.

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