Computer/Digital Forensics & Imaging

Data Collection (computer/forensic imaging)
Using highly qualified personnel, BR Consult will create forensically sound computer images from desktop hard drives, laptop hard drives and other computer storage devices. These images contain all the information on the device’s hard drive and can be examined, analysed and extracted before being used in court as vital evidence. FTK and EnCase are the most common tools used for computer imaging from hard drives and this can be done on location or in a laboratory. Being industry standard tools, you can be sure that as much data and resulting evidence as possible is collected.

Computer/IT Digital Forensics
Data collection and recovery are part of the service provided within IT forensics. Once recovered data can be analysed for patterns and lost information found using specialist software and tools. Even deleted data can potentially be recovered. Once recovered, data can be extracted and stored on standard computer hard drives for a first pass review, data analysis, examination, data management and export for case review.

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Specialist audio/video archiving, digital asset management systems, evidence/court presentation (EPE/EPPE), litigation support, computer forensics, document scanning, 3D crime scene reconstruction and injury/body mapping services.