Audio & Video Capture & Forensics

Audio/Video Capture
We can capture, process and export audio/video footage from a wide variety of sources. This can include both digital and analogue in virtually any format. We use specialist technology and we have years of experience in digital video processes and formats.

Forensic Audio/Video Analysis & Enhancement
After capturing your forensic video/audio evidence, our specialist consultant experts can use advanced tools and techniques to perform forensic processing and analysis. We will consult with you on what you can expect to achieve and provide an example of enhanced audio/video footage.

Audio/Video Editing
We can extract and compile footage from multiple CCTV formats to provide you with an edited version. We always retain unedited footage to be provided as an unused material archive.

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Specialist audio/video archiving, digital asset management systems, evidence/court presentation (EPE/EPPE), litigation support, computer forensics, document scanning, 3D crime scene reconstruction and injury/body mapping services.