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BR Consult develops RAID – Advanced social media content discovery platform – Software as a Service (SaaS Cloud) for discovering content across social media networks and uncovering trends as they happen.

With flexibility, advanced features and simplicity in mind, our system can effectively monitor any social media network, news, RSS, web, forum, blog or data source. We can customise and integrate virtually any data feed.

The powerful language function includes over 160 options including Burmese, Greek, Chinese, Japanese and Farsi.

Posts and media can be searched, monitored, discovered, visualised geographically, reviewed and refined – both in realtime and historically.

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Our system is designed for:

  1. Online and offline news agencies, news publishers/researchers, investigative journalists/reporters and broadcasters
  2. Charities, public bodies and ngo’s teams and departments
  3. Crisis/risk/travel/security teams and departments
  4. Public relations departments

To search, monitor, discover, curate and publish content across on and offline media.

RAID is featured packed:

  • Discover social media content in realtime or historically – Listen in realtime and/or search through all social sources historically
  • Anomaly alerts – Be alerted to spikes and anomalies in realtime
  • Wide range of data source customisation options – We can customise your platform to listen to data sources you require
  • Review, refine and curate your collection – Refine media quickly to uncover the right content fast
  • Geo-temporal visualisation with polygonal geo-fencing – View localised data from within a geographic area and discover subject matter experts (SME’s) on the ground
  • Instant activity reports for your query – RAID provides simple workflow and alerts you to what matters (so you don’t have to)
  • Support for 167 languages and translation – Let our advanced language detection bring you the posts you need
  • Robust platform – delays, bugs, poor support and complexity often plague social media monitoring. RAID is intuitive, robust, fast and oozes simplicity..with great support

Visit our dedicated website or contact us for a demonstration to show you the importance of discovering social media content and benefit from free training packages – Call now on 0845 833 2995 or email dan.burt [at]

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