Audio & Video Archiving

At BR Consult we have completed digital archiving and media management service used successfully for a variety of blue chip clients.

We provide:

  • Capture of:
    • RACAL 40 and 64 track voice recordings
    • Betamax and U-matic (all formats)
    • VHS, S-VHS (long and short play)
    • cassette tape, micro cassette
    • 3.44 and 5.25 floppy disk
    • LTO tape
  • Into:
    • Broadcast format in MPEG 50MB/Sec Long GOP
    • Variety of other formats for both broadcast,¬†web and streaming

As standard with our service we provide quality assurance, media assessment, media repair, 24hr monitoring, quality control and fast turnaround times using customised equipment.


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Specialist audio/video archiving, digital asset management systems, evidence/court presentation (EPE/EPPE), litigation support, computer forensics, document scanning, 3D crime scene reconstruction and injury/body mapping services.