Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics

Computer forensics encompasses the extraction and analysis of data from a hard drive or live analysis onsite or remote. We can also provide computer forensics services for mobile phones and servers.

Once data has been extracted, analysis can be performed using specialist forensics software for a first pass review. This can help extract relevant files for further analysis. Alternatively, images can be ingested into e-discovery software to ensure all data is indexed, duplicate removed, emails threading is maintained and documents are easily searchable. This then allows for document review processes for redaction and archiving of key data for disclosure.

Examples of data formats may include:

  • Skype and related messaging data
  • Database files
  • Emails and header information
  • Documents
  • Internet browser history
  • Mobile messaging data
  • Social media discovery

We can assist with the initial computer forensics using our network of experts and manage the process from start to end to ensure you have full and clear communication throughout and ability to talk through options in regards to e-discovery using our trusted partners with years of experience in every case size.

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