3D Crime Scene Reconstruction

3D Crime Scene Reconstruction

3D crime scene reconstruction is broadly used to visualise and reconstruct a crime scene using 3D modelling and animation with supporting graphics. This can help communicate complex information to a jury in a clear, concise and engaging format. The finished video and graphics can be easily presented in court via video screen or integrated into a current court bundle for evidence presentation.

We can provide interactive crime scene reconstruction, allowing the operator to trigger events on direction from counsel. The operators can simulate ‘flying’ through the scene, rotating, panning and zooming to provide clarification and detail for the jury to absorb.

interactive crime scene reconstruction

Crime scene reconstruction can be implemented in a variety of ways. Here at BR Consult we can advise on the best format to recreate and effective crime scene to be displayed in court such as:

  • Video crime scene reconstruction – by producing a video we can cut costs and speed up production if time is of the essence. Where 3D is not required, video can be extremely effective to communicate a sequence of simple events from a variety of angles.
  • 3D crime scene reconstruction – 3D animation and modelling are the most flexible and effective way to visualise a series of events in court and are truly limitless. Any camera angle can be orchestrated, along with realistic ambiance and characters. Close-ups, panoramic and birds eye viewpoints can be easily and seamlessly integrated.
  • Interactive 3D crime scene reconstruction – This takes the crime scene to another level. As mentioned previously, users can pan aroun the scene and trigger animations at will. Zooming functions allow the operator to focus on key areas of the production and focus the attention of the jury

We are based in London and the Midlands, with UK coverage. Contact us on 0845 833 2995 for a confidential discussion about your case and how crime scene reconstruction in court can help create a strong impact for your legal case.

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