Body Mapping / Injury Graphics / Injury Modelling Services For Court

Body Mapping / Injury Graphics / Injury Modelling Services For Court

Body mapping, injury graphics (or injury modelling) for court, are an ideal solution for communicating the extent of an injury or to illustrate the scenario in which an injury took place.

The series of events around sustaining an injury is critical to a court case and the way in which this is communicated can make or break your case.

Body Mapping Experience

We have worked with many clients in both the public and private sector including prosecution, legal aid, private defense and commercial projects to effectively visualise the scenario using body mapping to accurately show the extent of injuries and likely cause.

Below is a typical workflow:

Injury graphics for court cases

Body Mapping For Court Cases

Other common use cases for body mapping or injury graphics include court graphics for injuries that may cause shock to the jury. By using a graphic or illustration of the injury in court, it is possible to display the injury without the potential shock impact which is all too apparent with explicit photographs.

Body mapping helps to focus the jury on cause of the injury as opposed to the negative graphic impact of a photograph. By using 3D, any angle can be rendered into an image, allowing complete control of what is displayed in court.

We also provide highly effective 3D crime scene reconstruction services to help support your case and reconstruct complex crime scenes into short, high impact 3D animations for the jury to quickly absorb.

We are based in London and the Midlands with UK coverage and a confidential service.

Contact us now on 0845 833 2995 to discuss your case and how body mapping and injury graphics displayed in court can assist you and your team to clearly convey your case.

Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics

Computer forensics encompasses the extraction and analysis of data from a hard drive or live analysis onsite or remote. We can also provide computer forensics services for mobile phones and servers.

Once data has been extracted, analysis can be performed using specialist forensics software for a first pass review. This can help extract relevant files for further analysis. Alternatively, images can be ingested into e-discovery software to ensure all data is indexed, duplicate removed, emails threading is maintained and documents are easily searchable. This then allows for document review processes for redaction and archiving of key data for disclosure.

Examples of data formats may include:

  • Skype and related messaging data
  • Database files
  • Emails and header information
  • Documents
  • Internet browser history
  • Mobile messaging data
  • Social media discovery

We can assist with the initial computer forensics using our network of experts and manage the process from start to end to ensure you have full and clear communication throughout and ability to talk through options in regards to e-discovery using our trusted partners with years of experience in every case size.

3D Crime Scene Reconstruction

3D Crime Scene Reconstruction

3D crime scene reconstruction is broadly used in court to visualise and reconstruct a crime scene using 3D modelling and animation (with supporting graphics). This helps communicate complex information to a jury in a clear, concise and engaging format. The finished video, animation and graphics can be easily presented in court via video screen or integrated into a jury bundle for evidence presentation.

Expert 3D Crime Scene Reconstruction For Court

We can provide interactive crime scene reconstruction, allowing the operator to trigger events on direction from counsel. The operators can simulate ‘flying’ through the scene, rotating, panning and zooming to provide clarification and detail for the jury to absorb.

interactive crime scene reconstruction

Only a short time before your court case starts?

3D Crime scene reconstruction can be implemented in a variety of ways. Here at BR Consult we can advise on the best format to recreate an effective crime scene to be displayed in court such as:

  • Video crime scene reconstruction – By producing a video we can cut costs and speed up production. This is a great format if time is of the essence. Where 3D is not required, video can be extremely effective to communicate a sequence of simple events from a variety of angles.
  • 3D crime scene reconstruction – 3D animation and modelling are the most flexible and effective way to visualise a series of events in court and are truly limitless. Any camera angle can be orchestrated, along with realistic ambiance and characters. Close-ups, panoramic and birds eye viewpoints can be easily and seamlessly integrated.
  • Interactive 3D crime scene reconstruction – This takes the crime scene to another level. As mentioned previously, users can pan aroun the scene and trigger animations at will. Zooming functions allow the operator to focus on key areas of the production and focus the attention of the jury

We also provide effective injury modelling / Body mapping to illustrate injuries in court. By using 3D to recreate an injury, the jury can quickly understand details around an injury and support verbal arguments around the cause. Please visit the following link to read more about our injury modelling and body mapping services.

We are based in London and the Midlands, with UK coverage. Contact us on 0845 833 2995 for a confidential discussion about your case and how crime scene reconstruction in court can help create a strong impact for your legal case.

Audio/Video Capture

Audio/Video Capture

We can capture and convert any type of audio or video to digital formats. Often CCTV, obselete media and older recordings can be extremely difficult to convert to a useable digital format. We are fully experienced in using the right conversion techniques to ensure you get the highest resolution possible for the resulting file.

We have equipment in house to capture:

  • RACAL ICR16, ICR32, ICR64 voice recording in all formats
  • Standard Audio Cassette
  • Dictation Micro Cassette
  • CD/DVD
  • CCTV Formats (codecs will be required for proprietary encoded data)
  • U-matic Video
  • Long/Short Play Video VHS/SVHS

Furthermore we can provide a fully managed service using our in-house digital asset management system to ensure all versions, re-records, multiple formats and supporting metadata is perfectly managed and easily updated.

DMRP (Digital Media Review Platform) has been used successfully and extensively in the management of vast amounts of digital audio and video archival footage. With the options to stream locally, web stream and meta-tag media, accurate digital library management can be achieved.

Following the success of DMRP (V2) which has successfully aided the management and operation of over 30TB of audio, video and metadata. We are now working on version 3 which is currently being developed and will have a completely new array of features aimed at broadcast and live TV – check back soon for more details.

We also provide full forensic analysis of video and audio including enhancement, voice ID and analysis delivered by a team of leading experts with substantial experience in this field.

Contact us for a fast quote on any requirements for audio and video data capture, conversion, analysis, forensics and voice analysis.

Evidence Presentation

Evidence Presentation

We specialise in all areas of evidence presentation.

We tailor our solution to fit your exact requirements. We carefully assess the evidence you have and carefully tailor our system to fit your needs. We believe there is no ‘one size fits all’. You can be rest assured that the solution we provide will work in court exactly how you expect, in the correct resolution, with no broken links or missing information.

Examples of modules used within fraud, arbitration and commercial/civil litigation may include presenting information in specific time ranges within multiple timelines to show when clusters of events happened. You may wish to add images, videos, audio, maps, 3D and documents linked within the timelines to show related evidence within the series of events. This could be publications in a complex commercial litigation which resulted in loss of business or various certificates of incorporation and issue dates within a corporate fraud trial. Whatever you need to show and no matter how complex, we can assist throughout the case and during the trial.

Furthermore we can build interactive elements to be used live in court such as mathematical and financial models, communicating complex data for the untrained eye to fully understand and absorb.

We aim to help you build up a clear and concise picture of a case – something that can be extremely challenging with ‘Off -The-Shelf’ software…

Contact us now on 0845 833 2995 to speak to a evidence presentation consultant or email and we will get back to you to discuss your requirements and provide you with a fast and accurate quotation.

Document Scanning

Document Scanning

Secure document scanning is a key element to data collection procedures and disclosure prior to court proceedings.

Documents must be recovered, stored and physically organised into boxes prior to scanning. A library is produced detailing categories, naming conventions and references. However, that is not often the case..

At BR Consult, we take into consideration the organisation of hard copy documents and engage strategies for efficient document management prior to any data capture operation – We do not just produce a numbered list of pages/folders. After providing a thorough quality assurance on the current system and how this would translate to digital document management, we mirror the exact document management structures implemented and produce a load file compatible with Concordance or  e-discovery platform of choice, enabling you to seamlessly import the scanned documents for document review procedures.

To get an accurate and straight-forward secure document scanning quotation, please call us on 0845 833 2995 or use the contact form and we will get back to you to discuss your needs and requirements.